Preschool Activities for September Storytime with Scarecrows

Preschool Activities for September Storytime. In this Crafts for Storytime we have a bunch of cute little rhymes and diddies about scarecrows. Harvest time is here and the scarecrow’s work is just about done, so I wanted to have a storytime craft dedicated to them. The craft is a super cute paper bag puppet coloring and cutting craft.

Book Suggestions:
The Lonely Scarecrow
The Little Scarecrow Boy
Scarecrow Pete
The Scarecrow

Scarecrow Rhymes and Fingerplays

Scarecrow Chant
Scarecrow so scary,
Scarecrow so tall.
Won’t scare me! Not at all.

Two little blackbirds sitting on the hill.[put up your two thumbs]
One named Jack.[bring up your right thumb]
One named Jill.[bring up your left thumb]
Fly away, Jack.[hide your right thumb behind your back]
Fly away, Jill.[hide your left thumb behind your back]
Come back, Jack. [bring back your right thumb]
Come back, Jill. [bring back your left thumb]

Three Scarecrows [tune1. Three Blind Mice]
Three scarecrows
Three scarecrows
The legs swing and the hands clap,
As the wind blows by with a rap, rap,
rap, And the crows fly away with a flap,
flap, flap. From three scarecrows.

The Scarecrow
The scarecrow stands, [stand up]
With hanging hands, [outstretched arms]
Beside the farmer’s stile.
He scares the jay and the crow away,[step in place]
With just a painted smile.

A Crow Flew Over The Garden
A Crow Flew Over The Garden
A crow flew over the garden,
A crow flew over the garden,
A crow flew over the garden,
To see what she could see.
And all that she could see,
And all that she could see,
Was a big scary scarecrow.
A big scary scarecrow,
A big scary scarecrow,
Was all that she could see.

I’m a Little Scarecrow [tune: I'm a Little Teapot]
I’m a little scarecrow flying in the breeze. [flop around like a scarecrow]
See all the crows sitting in the trees. [flap arms like wings]
They eat seeds that’s what they do. [make beak from hands, open & close]
But I scare them, do I scare you? [point with your finger]

One of the many fun preschool activities for September are paper bag puppets.  Here is a template you can print out for a scarecrow bag puppet. Your preschooler will LOVE it!

Scarecrow Bag Puppet - Click to Print

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