More Thanksgiving Books and Activities for Kids

Here are even more Thanksgiving books and activities for kids to do while waiting for the big feast on Thanksgiving day. In my last post Thanksgiving Books and Activities for Kids I provided some coloring pages and book suggestions to help keep the kids and you from going nuts waiting for that food! In today’s post I have some cute poems and finger-plays for the kids as well as a Food Match-Up activity and a funny Running Turkey picture that you can print out for them to enjoy.

Book Suggestions:

  1. Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks

  2. 10 Fat Turkeys

  3. What Is Thanksgiving?

Two FIVE Finger-plays:

Five Fat Turkeys (hold your hand up with fingers extended,  wiggle them as each turkey speaks) Five big turkeys sitting on the gate The first one said, “It’s Getting Late” Chorus: Gobble, gobble, gobble Fat turkeys, fat turkeys Gobble, gobble, gobble Fat turkeys are we The second said “Who goes there?” Chorus The third one said “Look over there!” Chorus The fourth one said “It’s the hunter! BEWARE!” Chorus The fifth one said “Hurry we must hide somwhere!” (hurriedly hide your hand behind your back) Chorus Mr. Turkey Mr. Turkey went for a walk (hold up one hand to be Mr. Turkey) One chilly day (shiver to be cold) Along the way he met Mr. Duck (hold up other hand to be Mr. Duck) Gobble, gobble ….Quack, quack (waggle your hands at each other) They both had their say!  (you can have your hands bow to the audience)

For this printout I just put together some simple pictures of food that we typically eat at Thanksgiving and their words. The kids can draw lines from the pictures to the words and color the pictures.

Thanksgiving Food Match-Up

This printable coloring page is just silly. I got the idea from the chicken place that has cows writing “Eat more Chicken” on the bilboard.

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