Lilly Babysits her Brother Formac First Novels

Normally, on Storytime Crafts, I highlight picture books and add a little paper craft to go along with the story. In the past I have always focused on reading the stories out loud, for Story Time or Circle Time. Lilly Babysits her Brother can be a great bedtime story, read aloud or silently and I am looking forward to reading more of Brenda Bellingham’s First Novels.

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Christmas Story Time – Remembering Christ

It is Christmas time again and I am not ashamed to say that I remember Christ. It has become so unfashionable to be Christian, or to even acknowledge that there is a Creator and a Savior and a Holy Ghost. Usually when I present Storytime I keep it very simple and make a point of not bringing any religion into it, so as not to offend anyone.  Today on my blog though, I am going to throw caution to the wind and share some religious story books for children that are all about God, Jesus Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

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Christmas Story Time Craft Ideas

Christmas time is just around the corner. It is time to get planning for your Christmas Story Time. I have put together some really cute crafts to go along with the books I’ve suggested.  At the bottom of the post are the craft ideas that you can print out and enjoy. Scroll all t he way to the bottom to find them. Read more »

Thanksgiving Books and Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is the most popular family holiday in America, but for kids it can be torture waiting for the big meal to be ready.  Here are some Thanksgiving activities and book suggestions to help them get through that torturous waiting time.  I could have used some of these myself when I was a kid.

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More Thanksgiving Books and Activities for Kids

Here are even more Thanksgiving books and activities for kids to do while waiting for the big feast on Thanksgiving day. In my last post Thanksgiving Books and Activities for Kids I provided some coloring pages and book suggestions to help keep the kids and you from going nuts waiting for that food! In today’s post I have some cute poems and finger-plays for the kids as well as a Food Match-Up activity and a funny Running Turkey picture that you can print out for them to enjoy. Read more »

Free Craft Ideas for Halloween Storytimes

The Ghost’s Dinner by Jacques Duquennoy is about a ghost named Henry who makes a colorful dinner for his friends. His food is magical and turns each dinner guest the color of the food they’re eating.  The dessert is even more magical because it makes them disappear all together. But don’t worry, everyone gets put back to rights. It is a book for children ages 4-7 and will delight the ones just learning their colors!
Storytime Stickers: It’s Halloween with Spookley the Square Pumpkin This book is full of fun stickers to dress up Spookley and his friends, decorate their parties and play games. I don’t know one child who doesn’t love stickers! You can hand them out to be stuck on whatever tickles the child’s fancy or they can decorate the pages with the stickers.
There Are Monsters Everywhere by Maurice Sendak The cute boy in this book bemoans his life because there are monsters everywhere, but his parents can’t see them. They are near when he empties the garbage, hiding when he takes a shower and they are all over his room.  He decides to take karate lessons to fight them off

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Free Halloween Craft Ideas for Story Time

Halloween is almost here, so I have some free Halloween craft ideas for you to use for storytime or just for fun with your kids! Two great books that have ideas are:
Pumpkin Decorating, by Vicki Rhodes
The Family Book of Halloween Fun by Fuller, Grover, Kawasaki, O’Sullivan & Rhodes

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Free Crafts for October

October is finally here! I Love October. Today on Crafts for Storytime, we have three little poems, two of which are fun  action rhymes, a couple of free  crafts to print out and make, and of course some great book suggestions to go along with your free crafts and action rhymes!  I hope you have a fun storytime with Free Crafts for October!

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Preschool Crafts and Stories for Harvest Season

My All time favorite book for preschool crafts and stories has to be Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. It is such a fun book. It is about the infamous industrious Rabbit and the gullible lazy Bear. It not only tells a fun story, but it helps kids remember to think things all the way through! Not thinking things all the way through is what gets the lazy bear into trouble!
Tops & Bottoms

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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids at Story Time

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